Free Character Playbook: Declan L'Estrange

November 16, 2017

This character playbook is included in the City of Mist Starter Set. Download the free PDF version or order the full print set for just $23.95 with free shipping here. Click the image for the playbook PDF.


I know that somewhere out there, there’s an answer, a key, that could shed a light on all our questions.


It could explain why we are all asleep, why we are all blind to the truth: everything around us is nothing but a dream. Perhaps it’s a dusty manuscript, or a sealed urn, or a broken sword. But it’s out there; I know it.


I know because I already found it. I found it–and then I lost it. But something remained, some sort of guidance that appears in the most unexpected moments, and when it does, it changes everything. If you saw the things I've seen, you wouldn't care about money, fame, or family. You'd be focused on one thing and one thing only: finding the truth.



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