Free Character Playbook: Kitsune

November 16, 2017

This character playbook is included in the City of Mist Starter Set. Download the free PDF version or order the full print set for just $23.95 with free shipping here. Click the image for the playbook PDF.


Hi, I'm _______ [choose your best friend’s name], Kit's best friend. I'm writing for Kit because Kit hardly ever speaks or writes. Kit mostly doodles in class. In case you haven't figured it out, Kit's not really a boy or a girl. Kit says Kit's a fox, but I don't think Kit's the normal kind of fox.


Besides being really funny, Kit's got some cool tricks up their sleeve. Kit can parkour like no-one I've ever seen, just bouncing off the walls. Sometimes I worry about Kit because you don't see them for days. Kits gets into all kinds of trouble looking for the place they came from and trying to figure out what they should do.


The only thing that keeps Kit coming back to school is Kaito, a student in our class. When Kaito is around, Kit becomes very quiet and intense but I'm quite happy about it because if it weren't for Kaito, I don't know what would become of Kit …



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