$75K Raised on the First Day of City of Mist RPG “Nights of Payne Town” Kickstarter

August 15, 2018


Earlier this week, Son of Oak Game Studio successfully rebooted its previously-stalemated tabletop RPG Kickstarter campaign, City of Mist “Nights of Payne Town”, and raised over $75K within the first 24 hours. The campaign reached its $20K goal within 2 hours, funding the creation of City of Mist RPG’s first Story Arc (adventure path) book as well as splitting its massive 500-page Core Book into two separate books: the Player Guide and the MC Toolkit.


As backers continued to show support for the project, additional stretch goals were unlocked, including new PDF content, book enhancements, and a GM screen. The campaign also premiered with a streamed live game session by Encounter Roleplay, a WoTC-partner twitch channel. The funds raised currently stand at $86K, and steadily increasing.  


The Son of Oak team has rebooted the previous crowdfunding attempt last week due to its low performance and structural issues. Reaching out to backers and fans for feedback, the campaign was overhauled with a public preview available to followers of the game. It was then relaunched with art-heavy design,  improved structure and pricing, cheaper shipping, and a lower goal, driving hundreds of backers to pick up the game in its first several hours.


Visit City of Mist “Nights of Payne Town” on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sonofoak/nights-of-payne-town-a-new-story-arc-for-city-of-m  



About City of Mist RPG


Created by game designer Amit Moshe, City of Mist was first successfully crowdfunded in 2016. Its Core Book was subsequently published in 2017, selling thousands of copies and amassing a community of fans. The game has won two ENnie awards (Silver for Best Free Game in 2017 and Gold for Best Interior Art in 2018) and garnered dozens of excited five-star reviews on Amazon.


For the uninitiated, City of Mist is a cinematic, neo-noir tabletop RPG set in a modern-day city where legends and stories incarnate in ordinary people, granting them mythical powers. Due to the mystical veil of the Mist, most of the City’s residents are oblivious to the legendary forces in the City, leaving modern-day incarnations of legends, or Rifts, to operate in a hidden underworld of fairy-tales and crime.


Players play as detectives, vigilantes, crooks, or simply ordinary Janes and Joes with legendary powers, in a setting that combines the super-powered detective mood of Jessica Jones, Daredevil, or Luke Cage with themes from myth and legend, like in Fables (The Wolf Among Us) or American Gods. The player characters investigate strange cases and face off with other modern-day legends, and at the same time struggle to balance their everyday life with the Mythos within. A special focus given to role-playing the characters’ conflicted life.



About “Nights of Payne Town”


“Nights of Payne Town” is the next evolutionary step for City of Mist RPG, according to game creator, Amit Moshe. The Story Arc book will present the first ready-to-play scenario, with ten (10) cases that can be played individually or as an ongoing campaign, each with its own backstory, locations, clues, NPCs, Dangers, and maps.


In this neon-noir tale of crime and magic, the police are helpless against a new wave of crime, powered by forces they neither see nor understand (because of the Mist!). Ancient legends that were scheming in the shadows for decades are now finally enacting their insidious plans, raining chaos and suffering on the streets. The only ones able to stop this mayhem are the anti-heroes protagonists -- the Player Characters.



The Kickstarter

Son of Oak Game Studio is offering four books in the “Nights of Payne Town” campaign: the Player Guide, the MC Toolkit, the Nights of Payne Town story arc book, and an expansion titled Shadows & Showdowns. An accessory set with character cards, tracking cards, printed maps, and printed themebooks (character creation aids) is also available.


Several stretch goals have been unlocked so far:

  • A new district for the city setting by James Introcaso, co-designer of D&D’s Waterdeep Dragon Heist, who will also be involved in the writing of Nights of Payne Town

  • Two new City of Mist signature pregen characters

  • A new GM Screen for City of Mist RPG

  • An art boost for the Nights of Payne Town book

  • An extra case (adventure) in the MC Toolkit (GM book)

  • An additional Latino-inspired district by Mark Truman of Magpie Games,


Upcoming goals include a premium slipcase for the books, and a brand new Starter Set for the game. Additional bonus content was unlocked for all backers as part of the campaign’s Social Achievements scheme.



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