Update for City of Mist Pre-Orders (Apr 2019)

April 27, 2019

(This update was shared with City of Mist backers on April 16th, 2019)

Hello fabled and faded heroes,


The following update for all our pre-order customers has been long overdue. Some of you joined the City of Mist gang recently while others have been our supporters since the beginning; we at Son of Oak Game Studio are grateful for all of your support.


Being a growing indie company is certainly not without its challenges, but your vote of confidence has allowed us to overcome many hurdles and deliver a unique, award-winning game with high production value. 2019 is set to be the year when City of Mist really grows into its own, with multiple modules/adventures and an expansion, a new Starter Set, dice, PDF supplements and many other great things!


Thank you for following us and playing the game!





Shipping: Core Books, MC Screen, and Core Sets

The following products have reached our fulfillment centers and will start shipping on May 1st, 2019 :

The Player's Guide and MC Toolkit books contain the same content as the original Core Book, split for easier handling for players and MCs. Summary sheets were added for each chapter and the MC Toolkit also contains the full case Gambling With Death.


The MC Screen is a new product which contains useful guidance, options, and ideas for MCs at the table.


The Core Set contains all above three in a slipcase covered back and front with signature City of Mist art by Marcin Sobon with box design by Manuel Serra Saez.


Shadows & Showdowns and Nights of Payne Town still in progress

We are still working on S&S (prev. "Campaign Book") and NoPT. In the art department, Marcin has already finished art for the new Starter Set and S&S and is now moving on to do the NoPT case covers. Other artists are wrapping up work on S&S as well. In terms of writing, there is still more to write in both books, but much of the groundwork (content development as opposed to writing) is done and at least one chapter is nearing completion. My current estimation is that S&S will be ready by end of May and NoPT by end of July, but the final dates remains to be seen.


As I've shared before, the delays are mostly due to yours truly balancing the management of Son of Oak with the creative development of new CoM materials. Even after we brought in new writers and trusty Omer, work on the new Starter Set took longer than expected. Therefore, one of my goals for Son of Oak for 2019 is to recruit administrative staff that will allow me to focus purely on game design and writing, because there is so much more we’d like to share with you.


Slow as the process may be, we are developing some truly great content for City of Mist. Shadows & Showdowns is going to expand your CoM game in more ways than I can count; Nights of Payne Town is shaping up to be the definitive modern-fantasy neo-noir campaign (I am aching to share it with you already!). It's just a matter of time until you have all of this in your hands.




We truly appreciate your patience. As a token of this appreciation, we will be unlocking the new Starter Set PDF to anyone who has pre-ordered S&S (prev. "Campaign Book") or NoPT before April 15th 2019 (read more about this below). The Starter Set PDF should be available starting May 6th (you will receive a separate email).


In addition, those of you who ordered S&S before April 15th 2019 already have access to a sample from the book containing four new themebooksYou can go to the Download Center now and grab those.



New Starter Set and DICE are coming!


The new City of Mist Starter Set will provide a complete step-by-step experience of learning how to play City of Mist. It includes a new crew with four new and one returning character folios (Det. Enkidu, Tlaloc, Lily Chow, Job, and Baku) and a new first case, Shark Tank, designed to help you learn how to become a great MC. This PDF set will be published as a boxed set later this year, here is a preview:


THE DICE, the ever-elusive dice, after changing many manufacturers, finally found a home and we have some initial samples. The Logos die came out a little *snotty* in the first attempt, so we’re reworking it to look more like the signature CoM newspaper. Once we nail it, we’ll start mass production, which should take about a month.



Thank you for reading this update. Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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