Myths and legends get a modern twist in City of Mist noir tabletop RPG

May 8, 2019


Who would Little Red Riding Hood be if she were a modern-day teen assassin? What about King Arthur as a crime lord, the Aztec rain god Tlaloc as a hustler, or Anansi the spider as a news reporter?


Shows like Once Upon a Time and American Gods and comics like Fables (or its iconic spinoff game, The Wolf Among Us) have all explored new takes on timeless tales, confronting mythical protagonists with the harsh realities of a modern life: paying the rent, suffering the boss, finding love, and so on. At the same time, with their destinies still wrapped up in legend, these modern heroes are constantly tangled in conflict with other legends like them and driven to uncover the truth about their split legendary-ordinary existence.

Now a new tabletop RPG, City of Mist, brings the lives and adventures of myths and legends reborn in modern-day people to your game night table. Giving the genre a gritty noir twist, City of Mist has your character and her crew investigating dark alleys and abandoned warehouses in search of what is really going on in the City. Your character wields supernatural powers loosely-based on her legend or fairy tale, such as Snow White's ability to poison with a touch or the Monkey King's ability to duplicate himself. The result is an edgy modern-day persona hiding a legendary force inside. The game's super-powered detective mood was inspired by Marvel and Netflix's shows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist,  putting an emphasis on cinematics by encouraging players to use voice-overs, montages, and flashbacks.



To give you the freedom of creating your own legend-inspired character, City of Mist includes its own game system based purely on descriptive tags, elegantly dodging the limitation of fixed of stats or power sets. Invoking tags when describing your action generates Power points for your actions, increasing their chance of success and effectiveness. This easy-to-learn and versatile game mechanic was intentionally designed for players new to RPGs and quickly earned the game a large following, with its free demo downloaded more than 30,000 times.


City of Mist also includes a unique non-linear character growth system. Your character grows through confronting her weaknesses and through making hard choices and sacrifices. Every in-game choice has the potential of changing the very makeup of your character, from killing off her love interest to acquiring new abilities, thereby highlighting roleplay.




Created by game designer Amit Moshe and first published by Son of Oak Game Studio in 2017, City of Mist was originally released as a single large core book. The game won the tabletop RPG industry's ENnies awards Best Free Game (Silver) for its Starter Set and Best Interior Art (Gold) for its distinct graphic-novel style and design.


The game has now been reprinted as two books, the Player's Guide and MC Toolkit (similar to D&D's Player's Handbook and DM Guide), available also in a premium slipcase Core Set which includes both books, a GM screen, and extra PDF content.


City of Mist is available at and on Amazon.




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