City of Mist Bulletin, September 2019

September 19, 2019

Hey Mist-dwellers!


Welcome to the City of Mist Bulletin, our new newsletter, where we will share updates on all things City of Mist: sneak peeks, exclusive content, reviews and actual plays, interesting CoM discussions, as well as raffles and competitions. So without further ado, let’s jump right in!


  1. Two special offers end Sep 30th: Up to 50% off Accessories -AND- the new Starter Set with every book bundle or set you buy!

  2. Shadows & Showdowns and Nights of Payne Town is rolling out: first chapter released!

  3. Nights of Payne Town art preview

  4. Two new districts coming soon

  5. The original Starter Set is now the Quick Start Rules

  6. Points of Interest: more City of Mist content on the web

1. Two Special Offers ending on Sep 30th!

★ Accessories are now 33%-50% off ★


We are running an inventory clearance sale until the end of the month due to  excess inventory before the holiday season. Check out these new prices:


  • All Accessory Bundle (excluding MC Screen) - $29.95

  • The MC Screen - $14.95 - Beautiful signature art screen with MC hard / soft / intrusion move suggestions, handy list of status spectrums, special effects descriptions, and more. Can also be used folded as a a clipboard / writing surface (see image below).


  • 14 Loose-leaf Themebooks - $9.95 - handy for passing themebooks around for character creation sessions and theme changes during play.

  • 10 Location Maps - $9.95 - 10 full-color noir maps of most common City locations. ENnie-awards nominee for Best Cartography. I (Amit) personally always have at least one on laid out the table to set the mood for the game.

  • Character & Theme Cards $9.95 - create your character with the official CoM cards, with cards for each theme type and all the theme improvements printed on the back.

  • Tracking Cards $4.95 - visual aid for statuses, tags, Juice, and Clues.



★ Free copy of the All-Seeing Eye Investigations Starter Set PDF with every book bundle or set ★


We're seeing an uptick in interest in the new All-Seeing Eye Investigations Starter Set, which must mean you've been talking about it to your friends!


This "learn-as-you-play" experience is designed to allow your group to pick up the game quickly by reading short passages only when they're needed, and also teaches you how to MC (GM) the game, walking you through your first case, Shark Tank


To help spread the word, we're giving a FREE copy of the Starter Set PDF ($14.95) together with all bundle and set purchases until September 30th.


For example, if you get the City of Mist Rules Bundle, which includes both core books (Player's Guide + MC Toolkit) before September 30th, you'll get the new Starter Set PDF included!

2. Chapter-by-chapter rolling out of Shadows & Showdowns and Nights of Payne Town: the first chapter is out!


S&S and NoPT have been in development for a long while now, and we are starting to see the end. We thank everyone for your patience with us as we work to deliver the same level of quality that we achieved with the Core Book(s), with our small indie team. We know the wait is tedious but it will be worth it!


To shorten the wait, we will release finalized S&S and NoPT chapters in PDF to those of you who have pre-ordered the books as soon as they are ready.



Last week we released Chapter #3: Don't Believe The Truth, a setting expansion that reveals the council of Avatars that runs the City, “The Truth”, providing you with a greater context for the factions in the City and six Avatar profiles with loads (loads!) of new Dangers, story seeds, custom moves, and CoM goodies.


Those of you who have pre-ordered Shadows & Showdowns (or previously the Campaign Book) have received this PDF download directly to your download center account.


We are in a marathon to bring all of the other chapters of S&S and NoPT to conclusion. We expect this to take at least until end of October. Once all PDFs are completed, print will begin and we will have final dates for the arrival of the books, which will likely be pushed to January/February due to sea freight times.

3. Nights of Payne Town art preview


Playtesting for Nights of Payne Town, City of Mist's first story arc book, is nearing its end and we're very happy with the results. We tried to diversify the cases in the book so that they offer different types of stories, mixing classic investigations with dungeon-crawl-esque heists venturing into a villain’s mansion as well as open-ended/sandbox City-wide events and faction wars that the crew can partake in.


Here is a preview of what your crew might be facing in Nights of Payne Town. Are you ready for this fight?


#NightsOfPayneTown #CultOfTheGodKing

4. Two new districts coming soon!

Following Don't Believe The Truth, next week we will be releasing the Undertrash district by five-times ENnie winner and CoM contributor Chris Gunning, introducing a subterranean territory of subway tunnels, outcasts, and cthonic gods fighting for control over the district's many oddities and secrets.




Next we will release Independence, a district of African-American folk heroes by Chris Spivey, creator of Harlem Unbound, also a multiple ENnie winner!


Both districts are included in the Into The Mist set and the Ultimate set. If you pre-ordered one of these sets you will find The Undertrash PDF already waiting for you at the download center (Indepedence will be available upon release). The supplements will also be available as stand-alone products at the store.


5. The original Starter Set is now the Quick Start Rules


We are finally retiring the original 2016 Starter Set, which has not been updated in years. It has now been replaced by the new and improved Quick Start Rules set, which contains more-or-less the same content and characters as the original Starter Set, but is updated to the most current rules and designs.


The sample cases V is for Going Viral and Demons in Cross End have also been updated to our case layout and have been fleshed out, with Icebergs, clues, and Danger profiles that match the rest of our products.


These materials are free to download and will always remain so.


6. Points of Interest: City of Mist content on the web


Check out Happy Jack's (award-winning podcast) City of Mist show, Seventh Vale. It's got a great cast and wicked characters, starting at session zero and in its 7th episode now, also available on YouTube if you prefer streaming:


On the City of Mist subreddit, the new admin u/BladeMaster0182 shared a guide for new MCs in a series of posts (1 2 3). Check out also the discussion about time stopping powers and how to implement them.


On the City of Mist Facebook Group, Jordan Agudelo recently shared this beautiful cover art for his home CoM game by Sean Bush, and Patrick Beauregard shared a great Danger profile card design. Take a look!


For live chat discussions, join our Discord server.


Thank you all for joining us on this first City of Mist Bulletin!


Please let us know in the comments if you’ve enjoyed this newsletter, and share your ideas on what you’d like us to talk about in future issues. Share it with your friends on social media, blogs, or other tabletop RPG outlets.


From all of us here at Son of Oak, have a great fall (or spring)!