City of Mist Bulletin, January 2020

January 24, 2020

Hey City folk!


We’ve been away on Starter Box Kickstarter business, but the City of Mist Bulletin is back with some news to kick off 2020 with a bang:



  1. Complimentary ‘Baby New’ character playbook to all customers (now also available for purchase)

  2. Kickstarter Late Pledges - only one week left!

  3. A glitzy new casino district, Fortune Row, is coming out soon...

  4. Summary of last Sunday’s (19/01) ‘Ask-Me-Anything’ session on Discord (read the full AMA here)



Let’s get to it!


1. Complimentary ‘Baby New’ character playbook to all customers (now also available for purchase)


After a fantastic 2019, and in order to welcome in the new decade (and most importantly to pamper all of our fans!), we’ve decided to share a new character playbook, Ben “Baby New” Newman, an age-changing getaway driver based on the Mythos of Baby New Year, with all customers who purchased anything before December 31st 2019. Check it out in your download center.


This brand new character playbook is now also available on our online store and DriveThruRPG. Get it while it’s fresh!


“Baby New” is based on a suggestion from one of our fans, Patrick Coover. Do you have an irresistible idea for a Rift we just have to publish? Let us know.


Baby New, a character playbook to kick off 2020



2. Kickstarter Late Pledges - Starter Boxes, Extra Character Packs, and more - only one week left!


Our latest Kickstarter for the printed Starter Box ended in December 20th, but you can still late pledge on our Late Pledge store. Hurry up, though, because there’s only one week left, as the store will lock on January 31st!


If you loved the Quick Start characters and want a print copy of them, this is your chance to get it! To go along with the Starter Box, our brand new “learn-as-you-play” City of Mist experience for RPG novices and experts alike, we’re printing an Extra Character Pack of eight (8) beautifully illustrated City of Mist pregen character playbooks, that will contain well-loved CoM characters both old and new (full list TBD).


Like the original Starter Set playbooks, these character folios are printed on foldable 17”x11” (double US letter) laminated cardboard, with a character side, containing all the information, and a poster side, facing the rest of the players at the table.


Find these and plenty of great offers on books, slipcase sets, and more on the Late Pledge store.

 The Extra Character Pack will include eight well-loved CoM chacracters both old and new (TBD)



3. A glitzy new casino district, Fortune Row, is coming out soon…


A brand new City of Mist District, by our very own chief editor (and talented writer), Eran Aviram, is coming out early next month! We’re already very excited to share this one with you…


Apart from describing a brand new section of the City, filled with casino searchlights, shiny sports cars, and a whiff of the ever-elusive lady luck, this new product also comes with an exciting rules kit, ‘Heists in the City’. This section instructs MCs on how to create thrilling and dangerous heists in their games and contains a useful heist generator.


Our highly-skilled Marcin Sobon is just wrapping up the cover for this new district, and it’s ready to go, so stay tuned!

 Can your crew pull off a heist in Fortune Row?



4. Summary of last Sunday’s (19/01) ‘Ask-Me-Anything’ session on Discord (read the full AMA here)


Thanks to everyone who tuned in for last Sunday’s AMA session with Amit!


We enjoyed answering all of your questions on various topics, geeking out with you about City of Mist lore, and sharing our ideas and plans for the future. We are happy to receive such tremendous support from our amazing fans, and cherish the opportunity to share our day-to-day process, challenges, and excitement with you guys. Thanks for being awesome!


You can find the entire AMA session on our discord channel in the link above.






Thank you all for tuning into the CoM Bulletin! Please let us know in the comments if you’ve enjoyed this newsletter, and what you’d want us to talk about in future issues.


Feel free to share this on social media, blogs, or other TTRPG outlets.


From all of us here at Son of Oak, have a wonderful year!


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