Free Preview: Suits Unveiled will answer all the questions you have about the Mist

May 14, 2020


As part of the ongoing roll-out of the City of Mist setting expansion, Shadows & Showdowns, we will be releasing its biggest component, Suits Unveiled, next week on May 21st!



A 100-page supplement, Suits Unveiled takes a deep dive into the Mist and its origins and into the secret organization behind it: the Gatekeepers. The supplement offers one "published universe" answer to the biggest question of them all - "What is the Mist?" - but mostly gives MCs the tools to create their own unique answers and backstories to the Gatekeeper organization.


Suits Unveiled explores the Gatekeepers organization, its departments, methods, gear, abilities and the agent's personal lives. MCs can use this, along with the wide range of Gatekeeper Danger profiles and ample MCing advice, to gradually build the Gatekeepers into their campaigns. Players will find complete rules for playing Gatekeeper characters or turning their Rift characters into Gatekeepers, including three new themebooks (Shrouding, Advanced Art, Unit) and dozens of ready-to-use pick-and-play theme kits.





Life of an Agent introduces you to the hidden world of Gatekeeping, from their recruitment, their everyday life, their Mist-related “Arts”, the equipment they use, and their political outlooks.

Playing a Gatekeeper Character provides the rules for playing lead characters who are Gatekeepers, including new themebooks, new moves, and new character development rules.

The Gatekeeper Organization reveals the inner workings of the City’s best kept secret service: its hierarchy, its departments, its factions, and its physical assets in the City and in the “Deep Mist”.

The Gatekeepers as Adversaries contains all the information you as the MC need to use the Gatekeepers in your series, from story hooks, to Gatekeeper Mist moves, to a directory of Danger profiles full of agents and units, high-profile veterans, vehicles, and security measures.


Secrets of the Mist offers different answers to the greatest question in City of Mist – What is the Mist? – along with guidance on how to introduce this ultimate mystery into your game.



Download the free 10-page Suits Unveiled preview to get a sneak peek, including:


  • An introduction to Gatekeeping

  • Rules for Ambient Mist

  • Standard-issue Gatekeeper gear

  • Gatekeeper Investigator theme kits

  • A sample from the new Shrouding themebook

  • A demented Gatekeeper Danger profile

  • A Gatekeeper vehicle Danger profile


Suits Unveiled will be available in the City of Mist store starting May 21st. It is included in the Shadows & Showdowns book or PDF pre-order.





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