Join our Roll20 Organized Play program: Run Intro Games for Store Credit

April 13, 2020


Hey MCs!


The City of Mist Organized Play program on Roll20 has just wrapped its first month, and boy, what a start to the program:


Over 240 players, in more than 60 intro games, run by 20 fabulous MCs!


Ready to run your own game?


How does this work?

We provide you with Roll20 accounts, equipped with the Starter Set, which you use to run Shark Tank for new players:


  • You create game listings on Roll20.


  • We help you promote your listings to new players.


  • You run games and get store credit!


What do I get for this?


  • $1 store credit for every player new to the game (Awakening).


  • $1 store credit for every Awakening player who has completed the starter case Shark Tank (Touched).


  • $5 bonus when you run 4 or more sessions during one month with great player reviews (Legendary MC).


  • $20 bonus when you run 8 or more sessions during one month with great player reviews (Avatar MC).


  • Discounted T-Shirts for MCs which you can earn after 4-6 sessions ($20, shipping included).


  • More exciting merch and other special discounts coming soon!


Check out the store to see what else you can pick up with your credit.


Where can I sign up?

Use the MC Application Form.


Where can I get more information?

Read the City of Mist Roll20 Organized Play - Guidelines.


Here's some of what people are saying about the program:


"Just wanted you to know that I fell IN LOVE with this game. The aesthetics are AMAZING, and overall it's a really interesting and fun game to play. I'm looking forward to the next session!"


"The cinematic style and broad spectrum of Logos/Mythos tags allows for such diverse interactions and combinations, I am really looking forward to seeing how it develops."


"This was excellent. We had a nice group of interested and engaged players, and the MC did a very nice job of explaining the game as we went along. I would absolutely be interested in playing in additional organized play style games if they were offered."



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